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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be the single strongest tool you have as a manager to ensure that customers become and remain loyal.

Managed correctly, CRM is both a strategy and a tool. In your team’s hands, CRM comes to life, keeping you and your team on course and able to anticipate the changing landscape of the marketplace.

With CRM, loyal customers aren’t happy accident, created when an exceptional customer service representative, salesperson or product developer intuits and responds to a customer need. Instead, you have at your fingertips the ultimate advantage – customer intelligence.


  • Explain how CRM should be conducted
  • Asses customer, employee and supplier relationships
  • Describe how CRM should be used
  • Identify the importance of CRM throughout your company
  • Implement the CRM Success Factors


  • What is CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Understanding customer relationships
  • Employee relationships
  • Supplier relationships
  • Know what your customers are worth
  • Technology Does Not Equal Strategy
  • The Power of CRM
  • CRM Success Factors
  • The four steps to successful relationship management
  • Reasons for customer defect
  • Twelve ways to stay close to your customers
  • Checklist for higher customer satisfaction
  • The three principles of customer-focused selling
  • The ten keys to outstanding customer service
  • Tips to ensure success

Duration (days)          2 days

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