Do we charge job seekers to use our service ?

Absolutely NOT – we just want to assist you, getting the job you want and provide the Clients who use our services to employ candidates like you.

How can I register my CV with you? Is the registration free?’

Yes, registration is free & you can send your CV to:

What areas do you specialize in?’

LonAdd has four specialists sectors:

1. Office Administration & Secretarial,

2. Accounting & Finance,

3. Marketing & Sales,

4. Executive Headhunting.

What are your current vacancies?

All of our current vacancies are advertised on our website (please see latest jobs page) & updated regularly at all times.

How long do you spend interviewing candidates?

The average interview takes approximately 45 minutes, however this can differ at times, depending on the role’s specifications, the candidate is being interviewed for.

How are candidates skills tested?

The tests can be tailored to meet our clients’ needs but the standard tests we offer include: Two Types of English Language Proficiency Tests, (depending on their current job levels) & 3 Types of Accounting Tests (relating to candidates who apply for various Accountancy roles).

How much information do I need to provide when briefing you?

Our experienced recruitment consultants’ team is trained to source effective and relevant information from our clients. A face-to-face meeting is preferred, to better understand your needs is always encouraged.

How can I get the most from my Recruitment Consultant?

Communication is key – regular and open discussions (via email or telephone) are very much encouraged between recruitment consultants and clients.

What happens when candidates are presented to me by the recruitment consultant?

When a recruitment consultant recommends candidates to you, you should proceed to interview, as soon as possible. Great candidates are highly required after, but your recruitment consultant works to keep them interested in your role, if you can keep the interviewing process moving along.

What happens if the candidate does not work out?

If a hired candidate does not work out for whatever reason within their probationary period (45 days), we will refill this role once again free of charge, as per the terms stated on our Client Contract Agreement.