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Strategic Marketing Management

Reality-based accomplishments are shaped by the level of understanding decision makers have regarding the external factors outside of their control and the internal factors under their control. Proper use of external and internal factors will lead to more effective business strategies. Strategy, by definition, means decision makers must make choices. That means setting priorities for operational change. Conducting a strategic marketing management planning exercise should be more than just an exercise. Therefore, the goal of effective marketing management is to improve a firm’s performance.


  • Describe the importance of Marketing
  • Explain the elements included in a marketing management strategy
  • Analyse concepts with regards to with regards to marketing segments, consumer purchase decision process, product life cycle, branding and brand management
  • Implement effective marketing management strategies


  • How marketing became so important
  • Marketing concept
  • How marketing discovers and satisfies consumer needs
  • The marketing program: customer relationships
  • Why segment markets?
  • Steps in segmenting and targeting markets
  • Understanding ethical marketing behaviour
  • Consumer purchase decision process
  • The nature and size of organizational markets
  • Comparing the consumer & organizational purchases
  • Online buying in organizational markets
  • Emergence of a borderless economic world
  • Global market-entry strategies
  • Marketing strategic planning
  • Managing the product life cycle
  • Branding and brand management
  • Key logistics functions in a supply chain

Duration (days)          2 days

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